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Manufacturer of raw food for dogs and cats | Raw meat

CaniPro is a manufacturer of raw food for dogs and cats. We operate in a 100% refrigerated factory located in Ange Gardien, Québec. We hold an official MAPAQ permit entitled "General preparation permit" obliging us to manufacture our products with edible meat, intended for human consumption. Our license number is: PG-031.

Our raw meat products:

We produce several complete and balanced raw food recipes containing, meats, bones, organs, vegetables, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, etc. We also offer all kinds of bulk meats (single ingredients) for those who prefer to prepare meals themselves.

Our commitment via the quality of our raw meat products:

At CaniPro, our priority is animal health. If we can make you a promise, it's the quality of our products will always be at its best. Dogs and cats unfortunately cannot choose what they eat. They have blind faith in us, so per love for our animal friends, it is our responsibility to offer the best for them.


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